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About Us


NONEKLACE is a full service accessory design and manufacturing organization built on our magnetic bracing design IP and the love of creating custom jewelry. Long story short, we like being different and standing out in a crowd.

We took an old school fashion fad (brooches) geared specifically towards an older-aged market, modernized it, and paved the way for a universal approach. We focus our attention in working with charities, fashion entrepreneurs, and corporate brands; because its where we make the most difference.

We offer all of our clients a hands-on, simple, five-step process that starts at design concept and finishes with a custom branded accessory.

At the end of the day our mission is to give clients the ability to showcase their brand to the masses in a tasteful and fashionable way, without blowing up the marketing/merchandise budget. 



-Damage free to apparel

-Apparel flexibility (not just for blazers & thick apparel)

-Safe pin-less application

-Ultimate comfort  

-Super strong, non-invasive magnets 

-Hands-on design and manufacturing team