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How do I care for my magnetic charm?

  • Remove pendant from fabric before cleaning 
  • Clean with a soft cloth, soap, and warm water
  • Do not clean with strong chemical cleaners

Is it easy to lose the charm?

The charms are relatively small and the magnets are strong. Be mindful where you store your charm and magnetic back when you are not wearing it. It can attach itself to nearby metal easily and risk falling off. 

Can I make my own charm? 

Yes! all of our accessories are designed in house for direct to consumer consumption or B2B clients. Contact us here to find out more

Do the charms work on all apparel?  

99.9999%, our charm's magnets are super strong and thin, allowing them to be applied to almost all apparel of your choosing without issue

Do I have to consider any safety precautions?

Click here for Safety Information