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Hamsa Magnetic Charm (bronze)
Bronze hamsa size relation to a quarter and charm magnetic back
Hamsa Magnetic Charm (bronze)
Bronze Hamsa
Hamsa Magnetic Charm (bronze)

Hamsa Magnetic Charm (bronze)

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  • EASY TO APPLY Just add the charm to the face mask or apparel you wish to accent and place the magnetic back on the opposite side. The magnet will do the rest!
  • DAMAGE FREE Charms are pinless and utilize very strong magnets that allow for attachment to a wide variety of fabrics without the concern of putting holes in your favorite items and fingers. Magnets are super thin allowing charms to be worn comfortably on thin fabrics and apparel such as face masks, T-shirts, hats, scarfs, and more
  • MODERN TWIST ON BROOCHES Unlike your grandma's old brooch that utilized a painful attaching mechanism and a large gawdy design filled with a plethora of gemstones. Our charms are safe, delicate, detailed, and say everything you want to simply
  • GREAT FOR Gifts At any occasion or holiday, inspiring children to wear something they dislike, self expression, charities, sprucing up a plain or boring garment, and standing out in a crowd!
  • MADE WITH QUALITY Our charms are made from lightweight metals not cheap plastic and accented with glass gemstones not acrylic. Each charm is electroplated to avoid chipping and detailed with high quality enamel paints. All charms are fitted with our custom magnetic design and magnets. You will not be disappointed, just wish you found these sooner!

The meaning of the Hamsa depends on which way the fingers face. When worn facing down, the Hamsa lets more goodness, luck, fertility and abundance into your life. When the hand is worn facing up, it's a more powerful symbol of protection against the Evil Eye and negative energy. Choose wisely..

Charm Deets: The Hamsa magnetic charm is crafted with quality lightweight metals and electroplated for a sleek bronze finish. It features a glass gemstone(in the eye), white enamel, and light antiquing that gives contrast to its detail. The charm is fitted with two custom NONEKLACE magnets allowing it to be worn on a wide variety of apparel comfortably. A great addition to any jewelry collection and an original way to accent any wardrobe selection.